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Full service professional liscensed and insured Beverage Caterer for any event


Taylor Shull, Catering Manager


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The Bay catering

“I’m Taylor down at the Bay Bar and Grille in Bozeman. Our kitchen works hard to prepare fantastic lunch specials every single day to go along with of your other favorites. Always made fresh with the best ingredients. So if you’re looking for that perfect spot to join your friends, come see us, at The Bay.”

We are a full service professional Beverage Caterer for any event; one with experience, personality and the versatility to traverse the gap from black tie sophistication to rustic barn dance.  We are the Bay Bar and Grille – Beverage Catering, and we can be your go-to bar for any occasion.

We work closely with event planners and private parties to tailor libation offerings based on theme, taste and color, and we can concept a new cocktail, just for your event! The Bay Bar and Grille Beverage Catering offers the signature cocktails, moscow mules, beer, and wine, you’ve enjoyed in our bar and restaurant since 1988. We also provide kegs and have full access to our local breweries’ and distilleries’ products. We are large batch punch and Sangria experts, and we’ll pour flaming shooters if you are looking for some flare!

We set up and take down our station and can always bring the ice, garnish, napkins and drink-ware with us. If you are looking for smooth collaboration with your budget in mind, talented Mixologists, and exceptional service with personality, look no further. We’d love to help with any occasion, big or small.


Licensed & Insured

Catering Manager

Taylor Shull